Hello and welcome…

I am an EFT Coach, Mentor and Master Trainer and work online with clients from all over the globe. I help people help themselves get unstuck from whatever is blocking them, mentally, emotionally or physically.

I am an expert by experience in trauma recovery, and have pursued extensive study and additional training in recovery from traumatic experiences. I believe that given the right resources, tools, and support, recovery and post-traumatic growth are possible for everyone, no matter what they have experienced. My preferred tools for this work are EFT, Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine. 

I have a special interest in working with internal and external systems, supporting Centred leadership, and enabling Creatives to thrive. I have a sensitive and in-depth understanding of childhood abuse, abusive relationships in adulthood, single parenthood, queer and trans experiences, mental health issues, complex health conditions and the ex-pat life.

I am a member of EFT international and the EFT Guild and abide by EFTi’s code of conduct and ethics, and the Guild’s principles for professional practice. I am insured with Balens.

Have a browse of the information and stories here, and if you feel my approach may be a good fit for you please book a free consultation: hellojessmor@gmail.com