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I came across this old drawing whilst sorting out some papers and sat looking at it for a while. I found it rather odd but nevertheless absorbing. At the end of a dark path, a rose is slowly blooming, whilst plant-like beings are gathered around. There seems to be an atmosphere of waiting in the image and that I think is what drew me to it today. We often want change to be immediate but in reality, we have to move through time as do those around us and parts within us. And time takes time.

So while we wait for something in us to evolve or something outside us to transform, what state do we need to cultivate within us in order to wait without frustration? Perhaps there are clues in the drawing. The plant-like beings appear wholly alert in their waiting state. They seem in connection and communication with that above them and that below them. They are with the rose and they are with themselves, bearing witness, not bearing down. Attendants at a new dawn.

To wait like this would require us to trust that it is in the nature of all things to be in transformation, even the parts of us and our lives that are currently stuck in freeze will, given the right conditions, gradually thaw and enter the process.

Lonely parts

I spotted this forlorn graffiti in my local park and it made me think about those lonely parts of us who feel isolated and unlovable. Often if a part like that is trying to make contact with us it can feel really yucky and the last thing we want to do is get closer! Indeed the parts themselves may make unsociable noises and give off ‘keep away’ messages.

The truth is however that all parts of us need contact from us in order to heal and come home. EFT techniques can give us many gentle pathways through which to make contact with these isolated parts and gradually we can befriend them until we, and they, are able to enter a new level of trust.

I have a technique that I have used often to help me tap with a part like this and that is to draw its face (and this can be a very simplified drawing such as in the graffiti here) and then talk to, and tap with, the drawing. When I run out of time to tap I fold the drawing up and put it in my pocket. ‘Come with me through my day’, I say, ‘You don’t have to be on your own.’

You might have another technique that you use to talk to parts like these. What’s important is to keep listening to the message under the message which is always, ‘Join us’.

What’s in a new (old) name?


My website name has changed. I’ve gone back to an old version of the website name that feels simple and free and suits my approach to EFT coaching. EFT may not be able to change our present circumstances (at least not instantaneously) or our past, but it can provide us with a far greater sense of ease and freedom. And from that easier, more fluid place, surprising change can happen, surprisingly quickly.

I’ve also added a recent artwork, a spontaneously made watercolour. I love the way an underwater being has appeared and is navigating the depths towards the light. This is the work for all of us!