Clients say

“Feeling so accepted and supported while at the same time being challenged and stretched is what makes…coaching with Jess…so remarkable”

“As a committed coach, Jess becomes your advocate and cheerleader.  Her presence and focus during and between sessions is like a warm hug from every and all people from whom you have ever wanted affection or caring.”

“She has a wonderful, light energy that encourages and motivates the client to make healthy and life-changing moves toward their goals.  I could not place a value on the work I have done for myself with her support because it is truly life-altering.”

“You’re almost like a midwife…trauma recovery, like birthing is scary…and terrifying…and requires a lot of trust and letting go…but we need support in the process!  And reassurance…and someone to tell us it’s going to be alright”

Client privacy and confidentiality is imperative to me, therefore there are no names and identifying details accompanying the following statements. The purpose of sharing my clients words is in order to give prospective clients a taste of what it might be like to work with me and I am very grateful to all who have generously permitted me to share their words for the benefit of others in this way.

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