Education, training & experience

1999, BA Hons (First class) Fine Art in Context, University West of England, Bristol

1999-2001, Artist, and Business & Creativity Coach, Bristol – PT

2001-2002, Post Graduate Certificate in Education, University of Bristol, Bristol

2002, Qualified Teacher Status, DfE, England

2002-2003, Art teacher, Bristol – FT

2003-2004, Foundation in Anthroposophical art therapy, Helios Centre, Bristol

2004-2006, Art and Speech & Drama Facilitator, Colour My World, Hong Kong – FT

2006, Visual Arts training for the Diploma Programme, International Baccalaureate Organisation, Mumbai

2006 & 2007, Physical theatre training with Zen Zen Zo, Brisbane and Hong Kong

2006-2008, Art and Drama teacher, and Environmental Coordinator, ESF, Hong Kong – FT

2008-2010, Artist, and Business & Creativity Coach, Yorkshire – PT

2010-2011, EFTi levels I, II & III, with EFT master Gwyneth Moss, Ilkley

2010-2012, Gary Craig’s original EFT courses, DVD study

2010, Working with Voices, with Dr Rufus May, Leeds

2010, Mood Disorders, Mountains & Abysses of the Mind, with Dr James Dyson, Sussex

2011-2016, EFTi practitioner – FT

2011, Presentation, ‘The Courage to be Present’, EFT Gathering, Ilkley

2011, Understanding Trauma and Recovery, with Dr Rufus May, Manchester

2011, Trauma in Biographical Development, with Dr James Dyson, Sussex

2011, Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder, Carolyn Spring, Scarborough

2011-2012, Somatic Trauma Therapy training, with Babette Rothschild, Cambridge

2011-2013, EFT for animals and surrogate tapping, EFT and family constellations, EFT and the 5 elements, with EFT master Gwyneth Moss, Ilkley

2011-2013, Assisting EFTi LI, II & III training, with EFT Master Gwyneth Moss

2012, Presentation, ‘More Courage, More Present’, with workshop, EFT Gathering, York

2012, Exploring consciousness with EFT, workshop with Gwyneth Moss, Donna Bach & Gary Groesbeck, Ilkley

2012, Co-creator, EFT Innovations Workshop with Gwyneth Moss, EFT Master

2012, The Map: EFT for Trauma & Abuse, Levels I & II, with Lori Lorenz, Center for Trauma and Abuse, Los Angeles

2012-2013, Energy Medicine, Basic 5-day Training, with Donna Eden, DVD study

2013, Working with Relational Trauma, with Carolyn Spring, Preston

2013, EFTi Trainer Masterclass, with EFT Master Gwyneth Moss, Online

2013, 21st Century Shamanism, with Sandra Ingerman, Online

2013-2015, Co-ordinator and co-facilitator EFT for Trauma mentoring group, Online

2014, EFTi Trainer training, with Gwyneth Moss and EFT international

2014, Accredited with EFT international as a Certified EFT advanced practitioner

2014, Trauma and the Body, with Carolyn Spring, Bristol

2014, Experiencing the Shamanic Journey, Sandra Ingerman, Online

2014, Way of the Shaman, with Simon Buxton, London

2015, Facilitator, ‘Tapivism’ group, EFT for global events, EFT Guild

2015, The Brain on Trauma, with Carolyn Spring, Bristol

2016-2017, Art teacher, BHA, South Korea – FT

2016, Making the PYP Happen, International Baccalaureate Organisation, South Korea

2017-2020, EFT Coach – PT. Semi-sabbatical, art-making and playwriting.

2020, Developing the Middle Years Programme, International Baccalaureate Organisation, South Korea

2020-2021, Learning technologies integrator, BHA, South Korea

2021, Working with Relational Trauma: Dealing with Disorganised Attachment with Carolyn Spring, Online

2021-2022, EFT Coach – FT

2021-now, Co-facilitator, ‘Tap The News’ group, EFT for global events, EFT Guild

2021-2022, Assisting EFTi LI, II & III online training, with EFT Master Gwyneth Moss

2021-2022, EFTi Master trainer training (repeat) with EFT Master Gwyneth Moss

2022-Now, EFTi Master Trainer, Mentor and Coach – FT

2022, Presentation, ‘Start the Peace‘, EFT Guild Gathering

2022, Co-lead, Support for Slupsk, Emotional First Aid outreach for Ukraine’s refugees in Poland

2022, Trauma Tapping Techniques training, with Peaceful Heart Network, Online

2022, Emotional First Aid training, Association Comprehensive Energy Psychology

2022, Accredited EFTi Trainer/Mentor status awarded

2022, Presentation, ‘Ready for Anything’ EFT Guild Gathering

2022, Tapping out of Trauma 1.0, Craig Weiner and Suzanne Fageol

2022, Trauma and the body: Dissociation and Somatisation, Carolyn Spring

2023, Shake Free of Trauma, Steve Haines

2023, Working with trauma, Carolyn Spring