Coaching – continued

I work with anyone who is determined to improve an area of their life or career.  Our focus together could be physical or emotional; or to do with peak performance at work, in the arts or other performance related fields.  I have a special interest in developing leadership capacity and believe that we are all leaders of ourselves and can act as leaders within our communities and places of work, whether leadership is our ‘official’ role or not.  It’s been my experience that cultivating self-leadership is key in full recovery from difficult experience.

Within the fields of peak-performance, public performance and entrepeneurship, I have worked with many successful people who have a history of childhood trauma and hardship.  Indeed there may be a correlation between those who have suffered loss, hardship and attachment wounding in childhood and those who seek to excel, innovate and inspire in the world.  I am committed to advising and supporting those who wish to integrate their childhood experiences of trauma and abuse in order to restore their full power and capacity.  I believe that early challenges and our resulting adaptive strategies can be great gifts; through which we can fuel our passions and projects in order to serve the world more fully, and experience our own personal peace more completely.

My own personal journey has taught me that there is no experience, no matter how dark, terrifying or unfathomable that is not possible to integrate and transform.  I have learnt that when these kinds of experiences are in our history and held in our field we require a multi-levelled approach to our healing.  It has been my absolute joy to support my clients in this way and witness their transformational coaching experiences.

I use EFT as my main helping tool in my therapeutic coaching practice and I weave this and other Energy Psychology techniques together with a tender approach to working with parts and the internal system, energy field clearing and strengthening, soul retrieval and power restoration, together with mainstream trauma recovery and stabilisation techniques.  Blessed with a firm foundation in skilful and powerful EFT techniques learnt from Gwyneth Moss I have gone on to develop further from my studies and training in trauma recovery, attachment psychology, Energy Medicine and core shamanism with Babette Rothschild, Carolyn Spring, Lori Lorenz, Donna Eden and Sandra Ingerman. I have been deeply influenced by the work of Richard Schwartz (Internal Family Systems) and Lisa Schwarz (Comprehensive Resource Model) and these models also inform my work.

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