Stories – continued

PTSD and dissociation

‘L’ says, ‘I began working with Jess at a time when I was really in a difficult emotional place. It appeared that my mother was dying and I was also recovering from concussion related symptoms from an accident that happened nine months previously. The concussion symptoms exacerbated the grief I was feeling about my mother and the difficult dynamics happening between me and my sister and brother-in-law who are caring for my mother full-time. There always seemed like there was so much anger bitterness and resentment coming towards me from them as they were overworked, stressed and stepping up to the enormous challenge of being the primary caregivers to my mother. I was feeling a lot of guilt, shame, sadness, overwhelm and powerlessness. That was triggering old family patterns. I was feeling a mixture of difficult emotions as well as anger and self-judgment. 

Meanwhile, my brain function did not feel normal and I didn’t feel grounded. I felt very young and vulnerable and sad. I was having problems with my memory and I was depressed a lot. There was so much going on and I felt scared around my finances. There was so much shame that I did not have the financial resources to make more trips east to help or to supplement them with financial support. I felt so much pressure within myself and so much anger coming at me from my family. One of the biggest ways that EFT has changed my life is that I am more loving and accepting of all the parts of myself.  It’s like all of me gets to be. To just be held and witnessed an accepted.  When I feel a mixture of emotions about something in particular for instance I am not in struggle about feeling one way or another and then leaving myself up about not having a clear, resolved feeling and whatever meaning I apply to being a certain way. I get to feel all that I am feeling and because of that baseline of intentional love and acceptance I move through situations that are complicated within myself. Or at least seem complicated. I can take each feeling or part in myself and tap through what I’m feeling and come to a calm, grounded, peaceful place. I think, I believe that this loving and accepting myself and all the parts of me has had a ripple effect on my marriage. Because I am more loving and accepting of myself I am finding much more love and acceptance towards my husband. It’s like the anger or frustration I would somehow find myself projecting on my husband has dissolved into love and appreciation for the truly unique being he is. Where before I would become frustrated with how differently we perceive and move through the world, now I can appreciate what we bring to our marriage. And I am finding that my shift has created a powerful shift in him. He feels more affectionate, generous and loving towards me.’ 



‘N’ says, ‘To be honest, I approached my first tapping session with an open mind but honestly not expecting any significant results. I enjoyed the first session as it started almost as a novelty thing, a distraction which took me out of myself a bit. But as the session went on I felt more and more relaxed, and cannot really describe the feeling I got other than a sort of release and emptiness, especially when I had laughing fits which bordered on crying and felt amazing. By the end of the session by body felt more relaxed than it had done in days and I felt I could relax my shingly side for the first time in about two weeks. When I left the session I felt exhausted and also had some rather strong pains in my arm on the shingle side. I slept, on the shingle side (I know I am saying it a lot but it’s important) really well and when I woke up my whole body felt fantastic, more relaxed and even the rash seemed to have faded.  The next day although still in some discomfort, I felt generally more relaxed and as if something were draining from me. I felt like I’d been trapped in this hideous pain for days and finally felt like there was more to life than shingly pain.  It was lovely.

The second session was really interesting for me as it brought up some of the reasons why I’d got ill and stuff that had been building up for months. It was exhausting, relaxing and satisfying all at the same time to talk about things without trying to find reasons for them while at the same time feeling the weight of these things leave you as if by magic. Again I cannot describe the feeling other than it being a very, very peaceful emptiness and a kind of presentness which made me feel more capable of dealing with not only being ill but the reasons why I’d made myself ill in the first place.

I am still learning how tapping works for me but I was really impressed and surprised by the way it made me feel.  I think it is something that I will use for a long time. 

And Jess you are wonderful! Xxx’


Chronic Cystoid Macular Edema

‘B’ found help from EFT with a number of issues over a course of 6 sessions, here he describes how his main presenting problem was resolved…

 “I had been diagnosed with chronic cystoid macular edema (affecting my right eye) and had been suffering with this for almost a year, when a friend suggested I speak to Jess.  I’m a film editor/director and cameraman therefore an almost total lack of vision in my right eye was a life changing issue.  The specialist suggested laser surgery as I had at this point had the problem for a year and it wasn’t clearing, but the laser surgery was a permanent fix and would have left me with a large blank spot in my vision. I was getting increasingly worried and stressed about my condition.

In the beginning I was amazingly skeptical about EFT, in fact I felt a bit stupid, but I persevered, how could tapping my face fix my eye?  But each week I spoke to Jess and I spent 15 min’s every couple of days doing my homework. One of my symptoms was a ‘haloing’ around my eye it was a constant annoyance and it was there permanently.  But it suddenly stopped during one of our first sessions; needless to say I was over the moon.  It encouraged me to tap more.

The next few sessions passed and I felt I was getting more light in my eye, but with a permanent condition like this you’re never really sure if it’s getting better or not, but again Jess encouraged me and I persevered.  Last week surgery time had come, so I had my retina scan, and flourosene, and much to the Dr’s and my surprise my eye had healed.  My Dr was extremely surprised as I had been diagnosed with the chronic type of this disorder (for which surgery is the only solution).  I explained I had been tapping, but he scoffed at this, but this was the only lifestyle change I had had.  My eye is still healing, but the Dr assures me my vision will get completely back to normal in the next 2 months now that the water blister has gone.

P.S.  I’m still tapping a bit, it seems to have become a bit of a habit!” 


Cervical Dystonia.

‘C’ had been using a combination of botox and physio to deal with a neurological condition (Cervical Dystonia) that was causing spasms in her neck and making it hard to walk and move.  The condition was painful and embarrassing, making her neck lock at a 90 degree angle.  Understandably she was feeling quite low and hopeless about her condition and the limited treatment options.  She knew that stress made the condition worse and was pleased to find how relaxed tapping made her feel after her first session.  She also noticed that this one session had greatly reduced the pain, she was able to stand straighter and the botox treatment took effect more quickly.  In her second session we tapped for lots of the trigger situations that made the condition worse as well as the condition itself.  In this session she experienced greater relaxation and could sit up even straighter.  By the 3rd session C was not getting any pain or spasms, she was still having some problems with walking but was feeling optimistic about continued improvement.  C really supported herself through this process by using what she had learned in the session and tapping for herself every day.  In 4 sessions C had gained enough skill in the technique to continue supporting herself.  She was amazed at how quickly her low mood lifted, the pain lessened and how profound the physical changes were.



‘O’ came to see me for a Breakthrough Day as she was desperate to try an alternative treatment for the Endometriosis from which she had suffered for 24 yrs.  She described the pain that came with the condition as ‘breathtakingly excruciating’.  O was unfortunate enough to be among the group of women who suffered from pain at any time of the month, not just with her period.  In the past she had tried various forms of treatment including two Laparoscopy’s, cauterization, injections, the pill, the Mirena coil and getting pregnant.  When she came to see me she had been told that a hysterectomy may be her only option left. Out of all of these the coil was the most effective but O really wanted to try without it as she felt it was preventing her from losing weight.  Unfortunately without it, eventually the attacks came back with a vengeance and incapacitated her on a monthly basis.  This affected her work, relationships and frightened her little boy.  When she came to see me she had been told that a hysterectomy may be her only option left.  O came for a Breakthrough Day and had a few different issues that she wanted to work on.  In one of the sessions we focussed on her physical health and the Endemetriosis using Gwyneth Moss’s EFT Imagineering Technique.  I had been expecting that this issue would need further attention so it’s been wonderful to hear that in the 6 months since then O has been living pain and symptom free!


Gambling addiction.  

‘R’ describes ‘remarkable’ change after using EFT to tackle his gambling addiction.

“I was in a desperately ill state when I first got in touch with Jess; the impact of my addiction to online gambling affected all areas of my life and well being.  I was very reluctant/resistant/unable to access help from other sources.  As an extremely skilled practitioner Jess acknowledged my ambivalence and offered me several options in which to work with her.  As soon as we began working together I found that at long last, I was able to work with someone in a dynamic and focused way.  My problem gambling is  now under control.  Due to having EFT as a coping strategy I now feel able to deal with and face any addictive ‘residue’ left.”

When asked to describe what it was like to work with EFT R said,  “EFT is like counseling without the pain of clever questions to which you don’t always have the answers to. EFT begins at the place where your pain has crash landed in either the mind, psyche or body. This therapy helps you to locate exactly whatever it is which needs fixing in a very specific and client led way. This technique heals without harm, mends that which you thought was irretrievably broken or lost. It fixes everything together with your own “glue” and ends with giving you the ongoing hope that nothing, however dark, disturbing or distressing is ever beyond the reach of tapping –  It might not always be found in the dark today but rest assured, it will surface when its ready to rise to the top. EFT works.”


Broken wrist

‘T’ had broken her wrist 6 weeks previous to our session and was finding the recovery period inconvenient and painful.  We worked on various aspects of her feelings about her wrist, the accident that caused the break and her current life path.  After the first session T described the effect as similar to having applied WD40 to her wrist.  She had far greater flexibility, comfort and ease of movement.  She was surprised to notice that the swelling around her thumb had entirely subsided.  During the 2nd session we watched with astonishment as the swelling around the top of her wrist reduced before our eyes.  T found she had even greater mobility at the end of this session and was amazed that her ‘ugly, mis-shapen‘ wrist was quite significantly changed in shape.  T was also relieved that her deep set fears and limiting beliefs about her achieving a full recovery had been released for good.


Traumatic memory

‘P’ felt as though an abusive incident from her childhood was keeping her in ‘2nd gear’ throughout her life.  She felt as though she was keeping a dirty secret and had never been able to tell her family or partner about what had happened to her.  We were able to use EFT most respectfully to work through the painful and shameful memory of this incident without P ever having to tell me any details at all about what happened.  We simply tapped using code words and body sensations, until the memory and surrounding emotions were entirely neutral.  At her follow up appointment P realised that another aspect had surfaced, to do with her inability to share what had happened to her with her family.  Once we had worked with this aspect using EFT the incident caused her no further bother.  She reported back a few months later that life has shifted well and truly into 4th gear!


Post-traumatic stress

‘F’ had recovered from cancer 12 months ago but he was haunted by the fear that he would get sick again, or that something terrible was about to happen to him or his loved ones.  His sleep was very disturbed and he found that he had little energy for getting on with life.  We worked on several key memories from around the time of his diagnosis and subsequent treatment, using EFT.  After one of these sessions he said, ‘It’s incredible, I know what happened was terrible but I just can’t feel it any more, I can’t believe I’m actually laughing about it!’.  His sleep has improved and his anxiety levels have dropped significantly.  He’s now keen to work on some memories from his early years that he feels have been triggered by the trauma of his serious illness.


Weight issues

‘G’ had been struggling with her weight for years.  Every night she would return from work and comfort eat, and then spend the rest of the evening beating herself up for her lack of control.  We used humour, imagination and tapping to work with this internal conflict for a couple of sessions.  She now reports that she can eat whatever she wants without feeling guilty, however she’s naturally and easily drawn to healthy choices, and she’s losing weight without dieting.


Work anxiety

‘R’ had an important business trip coming up, but he was unable to focus positively on it as his mind was dwelling on a previous trip to the same location which had ended very negatively.  We worked on his anxiety and on some of the memories from the previous trip.  R realised that the source of his anxiety was coming from a most unexpected source and once we’d tapped on this source, the anxiety vanished.  He let me know that the trip was more successful than he could have hoped for in terms of a business outcome, and that he’d been able to fully relax and enjoy himself when he wasn’t working.


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Please note…EFT seems to work for most people most of the time, and although quite miraculous results can happen fairly frequently, there is no guarantee that what has worked for others will work for you. You should always consult your Doctor first on any physical health issue. For serious physical illness, or complex mental and emotional health issues, EFT coaching works best as part of a balanced care plan alongside your conventional health care provision.